Business Process Consulting

At Paradigm, we have extensive experience consulting in Business Process Management ("BPM"). Our consultants have worked with customers to implement BPM within their organizations, including analyzing and documenting existing business processes, developing and implementing BPM plans, managing changes, and mentoring staff through the change process.

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Business Planning

Our Business Planning Approach is based on us following our core principles in order to:

  •  Provide a foundation of structured analysis to develop practical advice and sound recommendations
  •  Provide effective support through out the implementation of recommended strategies and solutions
  •  Develop structured transformation plans to ensure an ongoing successful operation

Business Process Analysis and Design

Organizations today face the myriad challenges of a changing environment. In support of this changing environment we apply a process targeted at defining initiatives, a projects that will assist in the transformation process. Our functional competencies consist of the following:

  •  Business Process Analysis and Improvement: Incorporates business analysis and business process improvement services
  •  Facilitation Services: Facilitation and decision support services
  •  Requirements Definition: Defining what needs to be built or developed before it is made

Continuous Improvement Process

The objective of Continuous Improvement, as it relates to the implementation of a new system, is to both reduce risk, and create value. This is achieved by ensuring that individuals, at all levels of an organization, assume responsibilities in moving to the new system and preparing their business appropriately. During the project, our consultants will work to identify a structure and approach that will achieve the desired changes in user behavior throughout the implementation.

For business transition and change to be effective and long lasting, specific informational needs of the user community must be satisfied throughout the life cycle of the project. As an individual’s or group’s understanding of, and readiness for, the impending change varies over time, so must the change, communications objectives, and messages. Throughout the Continuous Improvement Process, our consultants will focus on the key components required for change to be fully embraced.

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